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A recent email from a past student:

Hi Ms. T,

I want to express just how grateful I am for your mentorship in Silver
Scholars. I'm currently applying to Research Assistant positions at school
and have already been offered two interviews in my field of interest.
First-years are rarely offered positions since Juniors and Seniors have
priority, but I made sure to emphasize all the skills I learned in Silver
Scholars like interviewing, coding data, writing literature reviews, etc.
All these tasks were emphasized in their hiring ads and it was a great
advantage to say that I already had experience with those research skills.
The positions aren't secure yet, but I still consider getting this far as
a first-year a success.

Secondly, I kicked butt in my first quarter writing class. Apparently only
7% of students get an A in the class and I was one of those people thanks
to you. The final 10-pager was a piece of cake.

I hope the Silver Scholars program is still going strong. I'm convinced
that, under your direction, Silvers Scholars is one of, if not the most,
valuable program Diamond Ranch offers. I hope the baby and Senior scholars
are working harder than ever. Tell them that it's definitely worth the
journey if they not only work hard but work passionately and stay
motivated. If you ever need my help in recruiting more Scholars, please
let me know. There's some special kids out there who need this program to

Once again, thank you so much. Happy holidays and I hope Diamond Ranch is
treating you well.

With much love and appreciation,
Andrea N. Trejo
Sophomore, Psychology Major and General Biology Minor
University of California, San Diego, 2017
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